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Clayton Interior Painting Ideas

Interior Design with a Difference

Avant Ivory Kitchen
Visiting someone's home will tell you a lot about that person.  We all have different tastes, likes and dislikes, but because something is not of our taste, does not mean that the other person does not have class and style.

Some will go for the ultra-modern look, others like to go for the minimalist look, while others like traditional surroundings.  Most will agree that comfort is important.  Some of us are squirrels and like to hoard things, so storage space is their number priority.

There is more to interior design than paint and wall coverings.  Modern wall paper would not look right if the room is furnished sixties style, likewise traditional wall coverings and bland colours would spoil the look of a room furnished ultra-modern.

Choosing for your own style is important to create the right feeling and look, but if you have no particular style and just want your home to be warm and comfortable, there are many things you can do or add, to give your home a little bit of extra class.  They do not have to cost a fortune,  as quite often money is the reason we are afraid to make changes.  Look around your home and imagine what you would like to do if you had the cash.  Then starting off with the least expensive change - go for it.  It could be swapping your old prints on the walls for modern wall art, or going for new soft furnishings.  Maybe you just need to de-clutter and make everywhere look more spacious.

If however, you are quite content with your home, but would like to introduce a general "theme" to it, something with a difference, then the choices are endless.  Perhaps you have always liked the oriental look, and by just adding a few oriental items, will let your home take on a completely new concept.  Many of people come back from their holidays  with lots of ideas taken from the villas or chalets they have stayed in, and can't wait to put them into practice in their own homes.  Some will make subtle differences, while others will go for the lot.

Alternatively, people who have not travelled world-wide, and prefer not to fly, but like to take their car with them, often cross the channel and drive to their holiday destination, France probably being the most popular country.  They soon realise how the country changes, the deeper they drive into it, and not just the scenery - designs and styles of buildings, and the local inhabitants choices of interior design.  There is something very "French" the moment you enter any building, and by being observant, you can create the same feeling in your own home at a very little cost.

These changes can give your home a "different" air, and will reflect your tastes and style, and will add a little bit of class to your surroundings. It will also give friends and relatives some ideas when it comes to Christmas or birthday present.

So no matter what your style is, be it traditional or modern, to make it a little different and add class, try choosing a theme and see what a difference it makes.

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