Decorating Ideas

How to Research Decorating Ideas for  Your Home

Try looking around for inspiring interior-design ideas.
Decorating your new home can be a challenging project to create an inspiring design.
There are many paths for research before deciding a specific interior design. The Internet is a valued resource for, but magazines. Builders show homes. Furniture stores and television shows also offer imaginative design concepts. Knowing where to search is the first stage in finding decorating ideas for a new home.
# 1
Get several decorating magazines with colour photos and graphic details of design styles and themes. Visit your local library to view the most current issues of home magazines for free. Decorating magazines can also be purchased at the local newsagents. Look through at least half a dozen magazines before selecting a style that best suits your personal style and home design.
# 2
Look on the web for decorating ideas. Interior design websites such as spaced .com .au and The Creative Home and magazine websites such as "Good Housekeeping" and "Real Simple" offer suggestions and decorating tips. Most home decorator websites provide pictures and photographs of rooms that have been painted, decorated and fully furnished. Look for home decorating ideas that accompany your homes lay out and harmonize with the theme or mood you desire.
# 3
Study the decorating ideas at furniture showrooms. Don't feel pressured to buy the home decorations at the furniture showroom, but carefully study how professional designers have set up a room's design. Take a note pad to write down decorating ideas that you would like to incorporate into your new home.
# 4
Visit several homes that may be open for inspection and home ware stores and look at popular themes, fabric patterns and colours for interior design. Whether your taste is country, modern, eclectic or traditional, home ware stores offer a great abundance of options from which to choose. Search the clearance aisles at home ware stores to find special bargains on home decoration items.
# 5
Visit builder's homes that offer open houses. Take note of the decorating ideas that are used in the living space. Examine each room layout, paint colour, window treatments, furniture placement and accessories. Study the principles of the room design that you like. Finding inspiration to be integrated into your new home design requires a critical eye that carefully assesses which decor elements are best suited to your taste and home design.
# 6
Watch television programs and home and garden networks to get home decorating ideas. Actively search for programs that fit the need and budget for your home decorating projects. For example, some programs focus on lavish and expensive decor options while others examine thrifty decorating possibilities. Take notes while watching these programs for future projects or purchases.