Owner Builder Painting

Are you looking for a House Painter willing to work with an Owner Builder.

You may want to do some of your House Painting yourself or are not quite sure where to begin or may be lacking some equipment or knowledge or simply you are just running out of time.

Rowendl Pty Ltd can help we are more than happy to work with Owner Builders and give advise on various issues you may have and are more than happy to work with you when even though everything is not quite ready to get a coat of paint.

I know you may be contemplating. How long could it take to do the exterior painting on my new home? I might be able to save several $1000 doing it myself. Why wouldn’t I? It should only take a couple of days how hard could it be?

If you have secured a construction loan remember the banks interest clock is ticking, and you are probably running out of time. It took a professional team about three days to paint the outside of my house, and they did a great job. Now you are in all likelihood thinking if they could do it in three days, I undoubtedly could do it in a couple of weekends and pocket the savings!
The painters have all the equipment to do the job and do it right now. They showed up with an airless paint rig, ladders and a crew of four people that knew what to do.
I don’t want to demoralize you here, but you probably need a reality check. If you are a regular employee, you are working full-time, and you can’t just take a day off on impulse. If you are earnest about doing this, I have some guidance for you. Ask yourself. What qualifies me? You might suppose I painted my way through college. I worked with a professional paint crew to pay my way through school.

Provided that you are still set on DIY, I recommend you Buy (or rent) the correct tools for the job. Don’t mess around with unsuitable equipment get the right tools to get it done? Buy or rent a good high pressure airless painter. The type that sucks paint straight out of a can, and sprays down paint like a pro. Nothing can be worse than painting a huge area with a roller or an airless sprayer that you have to refill every 5 minutes. One more thing; I suggest you buy an airless sprayer for your exterior painting. The reason for this is simple. You can purchase one for under $300 and use it over and over. If you rent one, you are going to pay around $30 per day and be under pressure to get it back on time. If you buy an airless spray painter, you can use it to do your exterior painting and your interior painting.
Furthermore, make sure you buy at least 30metres of hose. It is far easier to spray if you are not going up the ladder all the time and then having to move the machine around. I think it is wise to rent scaffolding and your big ladders to do the high stuff because they are really expensive, and unless you do this for a living, you won’t use them that often.

Final Tips
Use Quality Rollers, Brushes, etc.... Don’t make the mistake of buying cheap brushes and rollers, they just don’t last.
Use High Quality Paint All Paint is not created equal. Especially on the exterior of your home.