Investment Property Painting

Investment Property Painting

Maintaining and keeping your investment property to a high standard is most important as this will enable your property when vacant to stand out in the crowd of other properties available.
Giving a property the once over between tenants will also show to a new tenant that you care about the property and are willing to keep items maintained and in good order.
A freshly painted property can often add a premium to the advertised weekly rental when compared with others available, $5 to $10 per week extra may not seem a lot over a year but having a shorter vacant time between tenants can make all the difference at the end of the financial year, and all the works are taxed deductable.
Disputes during or at the end of a tenancy can be minimized if the property was shown to be in good order, and it is therefore, essential that photos, be taken and preserved and a detailed inspection report compiled. The term new or fresh paint applied on such, and such a date is also advisable on the inspection report.
As an investment property owner myself I know how important this can be.

No matter what size your home or investment property is, Rowendl Pty Ltd Painting and Decorating is the team to trust with your house painting projects in Melbourne.
We are experienced in painting, units, townhouses, apartments, single storey, two storey and flats regardless of whether they are occupied or vacant properties.
We also offer some handyman services such as small tiling, carpentry and garden clean up projects.

The importance of a neutral colour scheme cannot be stressed enough. The appearance of a single room with an odd or strong colour can put a potential tenant off. An owner has to remember that the investment property has to appeal to the majority and not the minority.

Here are my top tips for improving your investment property's rental potential.

Wash the ceiling and walls then repaint them

My best result is when an owner or tenant comes home, and I have only just put the first coat of fresh white paint on the ceiling and “wow this place looks so much brighter” results like this will amaze you. Keeping colours neutral throughout allows new tenants to bring their possessions in without feeling they are competing with someone elses colour choice.
Choosing a lighter colour paint for window frames can draw the eye outside, making the room feel bigger. Paint comes in a variety of finishes. The flatter and lower the sheen, the easier imperfections can be hidden - but the finish is harder to keep clean.

Take all rubbish away inside and out

This includes the removal of dead trees and shrubs, leaves, treeprunings and garden waste.

Improve storage with built-in wardrobes

These can be a great addition to any property, because they reduce the need for tenants to provide their own.

Clean, clean, clean

Clean the floor coverings and carpets and deodorise the curtains. Even if the carpets aren't dirty, cleaning them leaves the house with a fresh smell.

Change the floor coverings

The investment property you own was probably never furnished with the sole purpose of being a rental property and even though carpets depreciate well and are a good addition to a property for that reason, polished floors or porcelain tiles in appropriate areas can bring in a much better rental return.

Think hard before you DIY

There are several simple components that come to mind when renovating - like money and time.
Investment Property Owners often think that if they do the work themselves, it will save them money. This is not automatically so. Take painting, as an example. A professional painter can paint a unit over a few days. They know the procedures the difficulties and what looks good, what should be attended to, how to paint repaired areas and conceal them appropriately and so on? If you are not a professional painter, it is easy to become disappointed when the intended finish doesn't end up as expected. You may have to spend a remarkable amount of time to get an undeniably mediocre result. Weekends are often the ideal time to do renovations, but two days usually are not enough to get anything finished.
Painting as an example. You will most likely spend a few hours mulling over the paint colours, getting ready, buying painting equipment, including paint, drop sheets, paintbrushes, rollers, sandpaper, filler for the holes and more.
Then when you've prepared the walls, it will be lunchtime and, by your intended home time you've probably just started on the first coat. You will be frustrated as you only have one day left, so you end up working into the small hours.
If you're organized - you might have the ceiling and walls painted by the end of Sunday. The only trouble is you have to wait until following weekend to get all the timber and doors done - or go over every night after work. Hey and when do you get two weekends off in a row that fall conveniently at the end of a tenancy.
In the meantime, you could have had a painter come in and finish the lot in a few days while you were at work, and that's only the paint. What about the other items that need attention. While you are busy painting, there's a heap of other things on your list that is not being done. As an investor wanting to get tenants into your property, you can't afford to spend weekend after weekend doing DIY work on your property.