Room Preparation

Furniture covered with drop sheets

Preparing your room for the painter.

So the painter is booked to start working in the morning, so how should your rooms be prepared.
If you haven't spoken to your painter about this before then here are some helpful suggestions.

Remove all breakable items such as pictures, photo's vases and mirrors and other loose items that are on shelves and table tops etc. Curtains and blinds should also be removed.

Small items of furniture should also be removed such a chairs and bedside tables. Larger items such as beds and tables may have to stay due to their size but will have to have a a drop sheet placed over them.

It is a great idea that any items that are left in a room are not stacked together in the centre of a room as this often makes it difficult to reach light fittings that will have to be painted around by hand. Smaller stacks or piles are better.


If the windows are to be painted it would be good to give the glass a wash first as a painter may finish a job before the paint is dry and leave a dirty window with a nicely painted frame.


Once the furniture is moved a lot of dust and fluff can be revealed.  Putting the vacuum cleaner around will help the painter improve the finish with less dust floating around just waiting to settle on the fresh paint.

Unplug TVs set top boxes and other electrical items and don’t forget the cable TV and make a note of which cable went where.