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Exterior House Painting Estimate

What Will It Cost Me To Have My House Painted

Have you recently decided that you need to spruce up your home? Are you looking to sell and move to a larger or smaller place, and want to increase the curb appeal of your current home? A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for any home, especially those that are looking a little bit work around the edges. The fact of the matter is, if your home looks rough on the outside, you will get a lot less traffic through the door if you are trying to sell your home. It's all about curb appeal.

You might wonder how much it will cost for you to spruce up your home. In essence, what is the cost of painting, where do you find a reasonable estimate, and which painter can you trust to paint the exterior of your home? There are no standard answers to these questions. There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration when budgeting for your home to be repainted, and the cost will vary based on the answers.

•How large is the exterior of your home? Size is vitally important. The more surface area there is to paint, the more expensive the job will be.
•What type of material is the exterior of your home constructed from? Will the exterior be painted over siding, brick, wood or some other material?
•Do you have steeply pitched roof lines, eaves or is your home a multi-story home? The higher your roof, the steeper the climb, or the more specialized equipment a painter must bring in will all affect the cost of the paint job.
•Where do you live? Location can be a big influencer for the cost of painting a home. It will be more expensive in more affluent areas, and less expensive in rural areas.
•What time of year can you paint? In some areas of the country, weather and seasons will limit the time frame that painting can be carried out for the exterior of a home. This will also drive up the price, given that there will be a high demand for the services of home painters in the short period of time where they are able to work.
•What type of paint are you using? Do you need to use a special brand or type of paint because of the current exterior of your home or because of the weather in the area where you live? Do you need anti-mold paint?
•Windows? Do you have a lot of windows or doors? Painting around these areas requires more skill and time than painting straight lines on a home. In addition to that, you will certainly want to have your trim refreshed as well, which will add to the cost.

All of these aspects and more can and do affect the cost of painting the exterior of a home. If you are looking to paint your home, it would be best for you to obtain several quotes from various contractors before making a decision. You will also want to ask them for the addresses of homes in the area that they have painted. This will give you the opportunity to drive by and inspect the quality of their workmanship. If possible, you should also ask for references.

Most homeowners will want to hire a professional painting contractor to paint their home, it is all about quality,  however if you decide to go it alone and try to paint your home by yourself, you should make sure that you take all safety precautions, and at least speak to a painting consultant to ensure that you are taking all of the appropriate steps, such as priming.

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