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Scoresby House Painting Estimate

Portrait of William Scoresby jr,

House Painting Scoresby Victoria


Although Scoresby is not a new suburb its about 25 km south east of Melbourne was first surveyed in 1857, and named after the Arctic explorer William Scoresby. With a current population of approx 6000 the residential areas would be currently fully built, however there has been some significant industrial bulding works taken place recently with several larger companies locating themselves in this suburb.

Many of the existing homes are now 20 or more years old and signs that the exterior paint work is now beginning to fade, flake and peel are apparent in many older streets.

To maintain the value and aesthetic appeal of your home is is important that these items are tended to in a timely manner because if left the timber begins to crack and rot make the requirement for more costly repairs necessary.

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Scoresby house painting estimate
Scoresby house painting estimate
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