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Moving In, Moving Out, A Fresh Coat of Paint   by Tom Gilmour

In theory, colors can either have a direct positive or negative effect on our feelings. Colors surround us in our environment, at home and at work. You cannot deny its effect on our emotions and mood swings. Have you ever noticed how the color red in large doses may irritate you or how the blue walls inside someone's home gives this feeling of calmness? It is surprising sometimes the effect of colors has on a person's psychological state. Therefore the next time you consider doing some interior house painting and changing up the appearance of a room with decorative house paints, it should be important to consider how you wish one to feel when they enter that particular room.

Mixing colors to achieve a particular color harmony in a room may not only satisfy your creative side but will also impact the mood individuals will have when you all meet in that room. Here are a few examples of the emotions that individual colors can stimulate:

Bold Red colors - radiate a feeling of coziness and warmth that can boost your sense pride. It can also give off the energy of power and superiority as well as the taste for luxury.
a. Heightened Energy levels
b. Inspires Confidence
c. Encouragement
d. Audacity

Healthy Blue Tones - these colors can not only alter your mood but it can also be good for your health. Blue has healing properties that are said to lower blood pressure and neutralize abnormal respiration. Blue interior painting can create a conservative atmosphere for an office or home. The tranquility and serenity of the ocean can be best captured in the dashes of blue in your bedroom or living room. The tone of the blue color can transform the mood of a room from a vibrant electric blue or a numbing cold blue.
a. Calming
b. Cooling
c. Intuitivism
d. Light and freedom

Tranquil Green Hues are for the lover's of nature. Trees, the green meadows and lush shrubberies are most often associated with lush greens. Green symbolizes fertility, success and harmony. At the same time it can give off a cool soothing feel. Many talk shows have "a green room" for their guest to stimulate their minds before they go on air. Depending on the undertones, the color green can either be stimulating or stress reducing.
a. Cooling
b. Relaxing
c. Recharging
d. Refreshing

A Sunshine Yellow is said to provide warmth and joy into a room. It can bring about the bubbly side of a person. A dark, gloomy room can suddenly come alive with a splash of yellow while paler tones can balance out bold blues and greens. You can fill a room with optimism and energy with yellow paints.
a. Cheer
b. Relaxed atmosphere
c. Stimulating

The Sophisticated Color Purple - this is best suited for a bedroom or an office focused on alternative forms of medicine. It does not only give off an atmosphere of sophistication but of creativity and concentration. Purple is achieved by mixing warm reds and strong blue colors.
a. Creativity
b. Healing
c. Ignites free thinking

With a little imagination and a stroke of creativity, a house painting contractor in Newtown can ultimately transform a room in your home or office. In a conversation with a team of house painters in Princeton NJ they described how they transformed the great room of an old farm house with vibrant greens and pale yellows to capture the sun. When moving into a new home, think of the mood you are trying to set before tackling the interior painting job in Richboro . Most home interior painters in Central Bucks will offer a free estimate and in the process, share a few suggestions. Accept the insight a professional home repairs service can bring to the table.

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