Sunday, 29 May 2011

Strategy 2:Render Your Property


One of the fastest and easiest methods to boost the equity in a property is through the application of cement render (a mix of cement and sand applied to the external brick work of a property). Property owners who have older colour style brick houses can immediately modernize their property within days with cement render.
The average render costs between. $40 to $55 per square metre for a single storey home, the expenditure in this relatively simple
cosmetic modification can net you remarkable returns in the league of up to $ l0 for every $l invested.

Cement render is also suitable for timber or vinyl clad homes where the cladding is removed, cement sheet such as blue board
is installed and render applied straight over the top.
This enables a property owner to have a property viewed to be of a brick like, more solid construction rather than traditional cladding and therefore, perceived to be of significantly higher property value.

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cement rendering

cement rendering