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Exterior House Painting Costs

exterior house painting costs"exterior house painting costs"

Guide to Exterior House Painting For Homeowners   by Rose Ybarra

You're tired of the drab color of your home, and would like to make a change. You need only go to your local home improvement center to see the rainbow of colors that are available at your disposal. In fact, with technology being as advanced as it is today, some stores even allow you to mix and match colors on a virtual color-selecting software application.

Just knowing the above information should be enough to start your journey into finding out more about exterior house painting. If you're especially handy, there is the chance that you might want to do your own exterior home painting. However, if you have a fear of heights, or have a balancing problem (you need to be able to actually keep yourself on the ladder while you paint!) you should probably hire a professional contractor.

Of course, as a home owner interested in having exterior house painting done, the first question you're probably asking yourself is, "How Much will this cost me?" The answer to that important question has to do with several factors, the first of which being the size of your house. The smaller your house, the less you'll have to pay - makes sense, right?

Paint, like everything else nowadays, is very expensive. Whether you're a professional paint contractor, or a novice looking to paint a room, paint is priced by the gallon. If you get only so-so paint, paint that will last only a couple of years, then the cost will be relatively doable. However, if you want paint that will last in excess of twenty years, and has a high concentration of latex, then you'll obviously be paying an amount that is significantly more.

If you really have no clue as to what brand of paint to choose, you can always leave it to the professionals. That's right - in addition to paying what might be an exorbitant amount of money for the paint itself, you're also going to need to find a contracted painter that costs even more! Hopefully, you've saved up enough money for this endeavor. Either that, or you have excellent credit, which will enable you to take out a home loan.

Shop around for a reputable painter. Of course, the Internet is a valuable resource for finding local painters, but you can also get information through being nosy. For example, if one of your neighbors just had some exterior house painting done, and you really like how it looks, the contractor probably put up a nice big sign next to their work with their contact information. See how easy it can be to find a painter?

Or, if you have a son or daughter in that happens to be quite good at painting, you might actually end up saving some money by having them enroll in the College Works Painting internship. There, your child can gain valuable skills necessary to embark upon a career in this field. Whichever method you choose, the important thing is to be pleased with the end results.

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exterior house painting costs
exterior house painting costs