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The Provencial Look

English: Walls of the Roman arena in Arles

Bringing The Provencial Look To Your Home Easily

French country furniture was most popular in the 18 Th century, much of it came from the Bouches de Rhone region particularly Arles, Tarascon, Beucaire and Avignon. It is hard to find original pieces when bringing the Provencal look to your home. This is why people sometimes will use reproductions.

When bringing colour into the room think of yellow, pale blues and greens contrasting with wood stained dark and red brick with persimmon as an accent colour. Cream and distressed white will put French Country into the theme along with the occasional black accent. The traditional fabric used is toil often showing scenes of animals, picnics or courting against a neutral backdrop. It can used as wallpaper or curtains with faded floral, plaids, checks and stripes. Billowy lace and sheers can be added to the curtains for a romantic and fresh touch.

When selecting furniture there can be a lot of contrast from ladder back chairs with rush seats to graceful lines and delicate curves. Hand-painted, distressed and rustic pieces will add charm. Ar moires should be used wherever they can be, one at a minimum and more if used for storage of pots and pans or as a display for linens. Old buffets are great as sink vanities and as a table for the television.

Texture is the look to go for and to achieve it use warm tones on the walls, rush or rattan, stone and natural products. Wrought iron is great as accent pieces along with wire and rattan baskets, metal or wood candlesticks that are distressed, old copper pots and old pitchers. Oriental rugs, Fleur De Li's designs, roosters and old books are great accent pieces as well. Fresh flowers such as sunflower or lavender create a wonderful ambiance. Hang heirloom pictures on the walls, Parisian scenes and old botanical.

Decorating with burgundy and yellow captures a rustic style for the kitchen. The walls can be either one of these colours although to paint the room burgundy it should be a large space and yellow is nice for a smaller room. Use thick and durable hardwood furniture and cabinets.

Tile or hardwood on the floor in earth tones like burgundy or brown gives it a cottage feel. Curtains should contrast with the wall colour to add visual interest. Granite or hardwood counter tops that match the furniture will work well. Accessorise with cushions on the chairs in matching colours to the paint and curtain scheme. Terracotta and ceramic vases, pots and bowls can hold flowers and utensils. Bringing the Provencial look to your home is fun and easy to do.

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