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House Painting Exterior Knoxfield

Exterior Painting Services Knoxfield

Prominent considerations for exterior painting

Exterior painting is crucial to the finish of any home. Professionally completed exterior painting work can safeguard your home from the extremes of the weather as well as considerably increase its value.
For the most part, of any exterior painting job is to be mindful of the surface preparation. Taking the required preparation time and then using the highest quality paints is critical for accomplishing a long-lasting paint job.
When taking into consideration a proposal from an exterior painting contractor any proposal should allow for the following:

The exterior painting process
Comprehensive evaluation of existing conditions - through extensive examination of the entire house surface. Potential problems can include open joints and seams, peeling and flaking paint, rotten or wet wood and mold or mildew.
If these problems exist the following will be required:
• Removal of loose, peeling and/or flaking paint
• Priming of bare wood
• Patching of damaged wood
The use, an exterior filler compound or a two-part body filler to repair any holes or damaged wood.
• Gapping
Old paint often peels or flakes- normally near joints or between similar materials. This is on account of water seeping into cracks and soaking into the wood. Therefore, all gaps and joints need to be filled, ensuring a lasting paint job.
• Removal (or careful protection) of light fixtures

exterior painting
exterior painting

exterior painting