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Exterior House Paint

Exterior House Painting Tips And Suggestions

Exterior painting is a job that requires you do everything by the book and sometimes it is a task that you may want to farm out to a professional. Exterior painting is a challenge, but can dramatically improve the look of your home, as well as protect the materials underneath the paint. Exterior painting is a challenge when we have a constant threat of rain and extremely hot sun as well as other conditions Mother Nature has to offer to your painted home. Exterior painting is probably the single most difficult part of home maintenance. It is more difficult due to the height and scale factor, so again it may be wise to hire professional painters.


Exterior painting will involve considerable time and physical effort. Exterior house paint must stand up to the most extreme conditions that man and nature can dish out. Exterior surface preparation is the most important part and can take the most time and effort. Exterior painting methods while applying the finish paint to exterior trim include brushing, rolling or spraying. Exterior painting prep is a necessary, though sometimes time consuming task; having a good plan of attack is essential if you want professional looking results. Exterior paint is only as good as the substrate it is covering, and old flaking paint must be chipped away, sanded, sealed and primed before any new paint is applied. Exterior painting involves quite a bit more know how that some of the simpler maintenance tasks that a homeowner will encounter.

Exterior painting is important as well because the condition and color of the paint on the outside of your home says a lot about you. Exterior painting is generally more complicated than interior painting due to the various environmental conditions to which a home's exterior is subjected. Exterior painting is one the most challenging and labor intensive jobs you will perform on your home.
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