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At first, when it was developed, Sacramento Street was mainly residential. However, at present, it contains shops of upscale galleries and boutiques where San Francisco's elite often shop.

The popular Lupardo is a good place to begin with. Being a carriage shop originally, the building is painted cheery yellow with a brick fountain courtyard in front.

Owner Michael Lupardo started the gallery three years ago, displaying his personal collection of paintings. These days he is famous all over the globe for stylish, one-of-a-kind pieces. You might find antique day beds, library tables and well framed photographs or prints on any of your visit.

If you want to purchase capricious ornaments and garden paraphernalia, visit Calvin's Christmas / Garden Store, located on the bottom floor of an old Victorian. In November and December, the shop contains Christmas ornaments from around the globe. From January to October, it's an urban garden shop, featuring handmade tools, birdhouses, potted plants and other ornaments.

People who prefer gadgets to gardening will love Forrest Jones Inc., containing everything from quirky duckhead umbrellas to teapots shaped as cats and other ornaments. Co-owner Philippe Henry de Tessan introduced them as decorative ornaments soon after the store opened and the items are now one of the best in the city. De Tessan also creates the Oriental lamps which fill various shelves and are ordered by Gump's in Japan.

A short distance away is Jonathon-Kaye, a creator of stuffed animals, furniture games and toys. You'll find Babar, Madeline and Curious George here plus whimsical rocking horses, puppet theaters and doll cradles. The specialty, however, is the custom children's furniture and the shop will make bunk beds, dressers and chests.

At The Brodean Store, fine china and glassware is available. Customers often make an hour appointment with a sales consultant and upon arrival are guided to a back room where they drink champagne or cappuccino while going through the various lines of dishes and flatware.

Window shoppers will also find various small treasures such as Italian glass fruit, handmade guest towels and VIP cups and saucers with a gardener, fisherman or golfer motif.
More dishes and china are available at Sue Fisher King, which contains fabulous place settings, linens, flatware and accents.

When it comes to galleries, Sacramento Street's run the show. Virginia Breier Contemporary and Traditional Crafts includes artsy pieces by local and artists from Third World countries, while Elements offers beautiful Swedish glassware, Korean celadon dishes and glorious Tuya wood desk ornaments. A nook is dedicated to Ikebana vases in a several shapes and sizes. And if it's the quirky and offbeat that attract your interest, try American Pie, where merchandise varies from star-studded pillows to handsome tea-cup shaped clocks.

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