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Affordable House Painting

affordable house painting"affordable house painting"

Phoenix House Painting and Picking out the Right Colors   by Thomas Byrd

Due to all of the difficult and important decisions that need to be made while redecorating your home, it can seem like a difficult task for your first time redecorating. If you have relied on somebody else in the past to handle all of your home décor, it may seem like a very difficult task doing it on your own for the first time. Don't be discouraged as it is important to note that Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was your home's new decorative style. Today we are going to talk about getting the exterior of your home painted which is one of the most affordable and fastest ways of renovating the entire look and style of your home.
It's imperative to buy the right type of paint to do the best job of protecting your home in hot Phoenix sun. Research which brand of paint will give you the best longevity for your project. Eclipse Painting uses the top notch Dunn Edwards family of paints on all of our Phoenix house painting projects and it is highly recommended by most Phoenix painters here in the valley.
1. Choose a great color combination.
The first thing you need to decide on is which combination of colors to use on your home. One of the first decisions you will make for the repainting of your home is the combination of colors that will look best on the exterior. To help your home really stand apart from the pack of homes on your street I recommend that you pick out a color scheme with one main body color and couple of accents colors. To help insure that the colors you end up picking out will go together nicely it is always recommended that you stick on the same or a similar color pallet where the colors all originate from the same color family and contain the same basic color. It's best to stay away from loud and obnoxious colors that could end up hurting the appearance of your home. A great idea that any experienced Phoenix painter will share with you is to stick to the same color pallet and combine colors to create contrast and make your home look fantastic. Sometimes picking out the perfect colors for your home can be tricky so if you struggle you can always contact your local professional Phoenix house painting company and consult with them.
2. Make sure you examine the architecture of your home.
Look at the architectural features that distinguish your individual home before picking out the colors for the exterior. The colors you have picked out for your home should really help to accentuate the special architectural features of your home's exterior.
3. Making sure all of your homes surfaces a prepared properly.
It is crucial that all of the surfaces that you plan to paint are prepared the right way. For an exterior repaint in Arizona it is incredibly important that you take the time to wash your house as it has certainly been covered in dust from the Arizona desert since it was last painted. To make your paint job go smoothly you can push back and cover all of your furniture to prevent the chances of over spray and damage. Painters Phoenix
4. Take into consideration your surroundings.
Make sure your colors look good with the surrounding neighborhood. It's important to make sure your home doesn't stick out like a sore thumb and take a close look at your surrounding neighborhood and make sure the colors you have picked are in harmony with the rest of the homes in the area. Don't make the mistake of picking out bold or loud colors that can make your house stand out in a negative spot light in the neighborhood.

Follow these steps and make sure you purchase quality paint like Dunn Edwards Evershield to insure you won't need to paint your home again for 4-6 years.If you are looking for a Phoenix house painting expert call the best Phoenix painters in town at Eclipse Painting to make your home look great! (623) 850 8730.

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affordable house painting
affordable house painting