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Home Painting Service

home painting service"home painting service"
Is there such a thing of painting your home exterior bricks?

I live in home that is really old and would like to have a fresh apperance on my exterior bricks. I was thinking of replacing them with new ones intill I saw this website that offers paint services on bricks. They promote permant color on the bricks and no peeling.Has anyone had this done before? I would love to hear the pros and

Yes you can. How you go about it depends on the condition and type of brick you have. As with any painting procedure surface should be free of all loose, flaking, and dirt (Polution)if close to road and highways. Repair any damaged mortar joints with a good quaility mortar mix and I would recommend a good powerwashing to give you the best possible surface for paint to hold to.
TYPE of brick-
If you have a inferior non kiln fired brick (large deposits of white(calcium) powery deposits and soft textured dull surface best procedure would be either a oil based exterior primer or a top quaility latex sealer/primer hopefullty with extended drying time for obsorbtion. Follow with 1-2 coats exterior finish with a minimum of low sheen finish. As with any paint, the higher the gloss the easier to keep clean but finish to enhance but not to distract from surrounds are recommended,
Quaility paint stores can provide you with manufactures recommendations on applications and coverage estimations for purchase of paint.
Good luck.

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home painting service
home painting service