Thursday, 11 August 2011

Paint Contractor

paint contractor"paint contractor"
contractor told me the easiest way to paint garage (interior) walls was to put texture on them. is it true?

contractor just put in new dry walls inside the garage for me and told me next step was to put texture on wall to hide the connecting tapes. i prefer simple, smooth walls in my garage. but he told smooth walls were more costly. is that true?

Smooth shouldn't cost that much more, especially in a garage. texture is a dirt collector, bad for a garage. The connecting tapes just need a little smear of plastering paste, a slight sanding and then paint can be applied by roller or a spray machine. It may be that the plasterboard being new would require more paint or need a base coat (primer) first, that would add additional cost, but you are only doing a garage here, not an entire house, so get the nicer finish even if you pay a little more. If he wants a lot more, get another quote.

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paint contractor
paint contractor