Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Paint And Decorator

Which pale cream paint for our extension?

We want to paint our 4 room extension in a nice pale cream off/white shade that will go with everything. We have friends who used Dulux Gardenia and that's nice but there are so many similar shades out there it's really hard to choose from a colour-chart.

Has anyone here used this kind of shade of Dulux or Crown paint for their room(s) and can recommend it? Or any painter-decorator thoughts?

By the way, it must be Dulux or Crown and definitely not magnolia.

A mate painted a ladies room with Magnolia and when she saw it and asked what colour it was (she didn't want magnolia) he said "French Cream".

She loved it and said "That's much better than Magnolia".

I know Magnolia is the Skoda of paints but just paint it Magnolia and tell everyone it's French Cream.

Problem is, she'll be trying everywhere to get a colour match pot made up for touch ups !!