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Painting Tips

painting tips"painting tips"

Painting Tips

I decided to write a short article on "tips on painting". This might save you some money in the cost to "paint the house". In house painting there are tons of variables.
I'll cover some things on "painting inside house" and "paint exterior house" which are popular search terms on the internet which people are looking for.

Probably one of the biggest tricks and really is no trick is to buy good high quality paint, like Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams. I suggest using top line from both manufacturers. Believe it or not the extra money you pay for the paint makes up for it in the ease of painting. Not to mention the fact that high-end paints do not skimp in the materials they use for the paints, these ingredients allow-better coverage, better hiding, better adhesion, better fade resistance, better leveling and smoothing characteristics. This type of paint will feel better to paint with inside the house, which in turn will make your effort easier to do reducing the cost to paint house, most of time, because, you'll be using less paint. In house painting the paint that you use is probably the most important thing that you do.

Painting inside house

House painting interior

Tip: check around your room and your ceiling for loose paint, because if the paints loose and you didn't see it, when you roll over it you will pull off the loose paint and this really makes a mess, this will double your work not only do you have to clean up the roller and the piece of removed paint on the wall now you will have to plaster over the damaged area the paint came out of.

Tip: do not use high stick tape to mask with, it will remove the paint off the wall, or if it's on too long it might not even come off very well.

Tip: other very interesting little tidbit to know which you might not be thinking about is try painting from the top down. This means, first paint the ceiling, then the walls, and then the trim and the doors.

Popcorn ceiling paint

Tip: Do not try to paint a never before painted popcorn ceiling with latex paint, the water in the latex paint will dissolve the popcorn creating a mess on your ceiling. Always test the portion of your ceiling whether it will dissolve with water if you wet it and it gets soft and can wipe off you should seal it with an oil paint instead, this won't dissolve the latex stucco.

Paint exterior House

Tip: Make sure that your surface preparation is done properly. This is the most important part of an exterior paint job.

Tip: If you want to speed up your scraping try using a pressure washer first to remove the bulk of the flaking paint. Now you can scrape the harder to get off paint

Tip: use an exterior primer to seal the bare wood but if you have knots in your wood seal them first with a shellac because the knot will bleed through the primer and the paint eventually.

Tip: here again I strongly recommend using top quality paints for the same reasons as above.

Tip: if you have aluminum siding on your home you can power wash the siding off with a high-pressure washer, but 90% of the time a high-pressure wash will not clean off gutter very effectively so this you'll have to do by hand, I usually use simple general-purpose liquid soap cleaner to remove this dark really dirty area off the surface the gutter. Just like washing your car.
Tip; it is not recommended to paint over damp wood, the paint has no deep penetrations into the fibers of the wood to stick if it's wet.

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Interior Painting Tips - Using a Roller

painting tips
painting tips