Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Huntingdale Exterior Painting

The Many Advantages to Exterior Painting in Early Spring

Much of the country has experienced a very mild winter. The mild winter has now become an early spring and an opportunity to get a jump on the inevitable home improvement projects. Taking care of the necessities around the house as early as possible allows homeowners to maximize the time they spend enjoying their outdoor spaces for barbecues, sports and other activities.
Assessing whether or not your home is in need of a new coat of paint is as simple as taking a walk. Make one or two loops around the perimeter of your home looking for signs of peeling, fading, or other markers of damage. Once paint starts to peel or fade, the wood surface underneath is no longer protected. Bare wood surfaces start to deteriorate almost immediately when exposed to the elements. If trim or siding components are damaged, this may increase the cost of repairs considerably over the typical cost of repainting.
Whether you have a green thumb and love to work in your garden, or just hire a landscaper to spread mulch and install a few plants, your time and money will reap the greatest rewards if any house painting needs are addressed first. Moving ladders and other painting equipment around a home is often unsettling to the landscaping. New plantings risk being stepped on, and old paint from scraping and sanding may litter freshly mulched beds. By painting first, your home and your landscaping will look its very best.
Especially in the southern United States, spring is known to bring very mild, dry weather. This combination is ideal for the application and curing of house paint. When the weather is too cold, there is a risk of the paint taking too long to dry or even freezing. When the weather is too warm or the humidity levels are too high, paint may dry very quickly and not achieve the proper adhesion to the surface. If coverage and adhesion are not sufficient, the painting project may look fine at first, but you may find yourself looking at the expense of repainting prematurely.
If your home is due for a fresh coat of paint, put that project on the top of your list this spring for the best results. Hire a professional painter in your area that uses high quality paints that carry a minimum of a 10 year warranty. By getting a jump on the neighbors, you will be the one sitting in the shade with a cold drink when the hot weather comes around.
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