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Painter And Decorating

painter and decorating"painter and decorating"

Finding the best painters and decorators in the north west   by Barry Summers

It took a long time for me to be able to afford my first home. For years I had looked through all of the decorating magazines from A to Z. Due to countless searches, I thought that no one was better qualified than me to decorate and paint my own home. Unfortunately, I could not have been more wrong. My first home's decor ended up being a mix of styles that did not complement each other. Living in Lancashire, I wanted a traditional English home, but ended up somewhere between stuffy traditional and bohemian gypsy. I never did like my first home very much. I vowed that it would not happen the second time around.

I first visited a few decorators' shops, but I felt a little intimidated. It might have been my imagination, but I often felt that they were pushing their own agenda. If I asked too many questions I felt obliged to buy at least a can of paint or something!

I then decided to go online and be able to compare decorator styles and take my time. After all, I knew how disastrous impetuous decisions could be by now. The great thing about the internet is that you have a wealth of information at your fingertips without the sales pressure. It truly is a heaven for shoppers that enjoy browsing before making a decision. I knew that since I lived in the North West I needed to find painters Lancashire and better yet, painters and decorators Lancaster. I went online and searched the Decorators Barrow area. What a bounty I found! I did not realize that there were so many talented painters and decorators in the Lancaster and the North West area.

The best part was that when I went into their individual websites, I could find a wealth of information such as:

Do they provide free estimates?
Do they move furniture if required?
Do the guarantee their services?

I could even find out how long they have been in business without going through the embarrassment of asking. If there was a question that was not in the internet, I could simply fire up an email without being concerned about asking too many questions and not buying. The very best part is that many of their web pages have photos so that it is easier to know right away if the style matches my taste, or if it doesn't. The internet is the best way to go!

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painter and decorating
painter and decorating