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Paint And Decorators

paint and decorators"paint and decorators"

15 Tips for Do It Yourself Painting and Decoration

Are you planning to paint and decorate your home or office to create a welcoming demeanor and yet a bit intimidated of how the outcome will appear when you are accomplished? You have two options at your disposal: either ‘hiring a Specialist decorating & painting Company' or ‘Doing It Yourself (DIY)'. If you go for the first option, the painting and decorating company will discuss with you to understand your preferences. They will let you select the style & pattern, show you the photo gallery or digitally suited visual outcome & will suggest you the modifications. This specialist painting & decorating service provider would finally finish it with their experience, kill & creativity to give the task a success tag. But turning to a professional painting and decorating industry for quality workmanship is not always the option you'll adopt. In many cases, you have the creativity, a bit of experience and professional eyes to blend the right colours and place the right decoration for creating a perfect ambience. There are some aspects you should consider and implement while decorating and painting your house in order to make things perfect. Following is the list of 15 the issues that you should focus on before starting your decoration and painting project:

  1. Select the colour pattern and style with creativity and experience. Don't rely on random thoughts.

  2. Share your idea with your family members, friends and office staffs. You might get a million dollar idea you have missed.

  3. Notice the color & decoration of other buildings, offices (both interior and exterior) to sort out your preference. Online searches can help you with a range of examples, advices and options.

  4. Finalize your idea. Do not start painting & decorating your house or office unless you have a specific plan.Your finalization should be based on your home, office structure and built.

  5. Painting must be done before the decoration. If you are decorating from the beginning, match those with your painting pattern and colour scheme. For redecoration, make sure each of the furniture and panting was moved away or wrapped properly.     

  6. A tidy and organized painting space allows more times and options to be creative and ease the process of decorating.

  7. Organize your painting brushes, rollers and paint container based on the type and size. It would make your task a lot easier and organized.

  8. Painting brushes and rollers should be clean and new. Rough painting should be done using worn brushes.

  9. Start from the background and ahead to forward. Then emphasize on the mid-ground and finally the foreground.

  10. Go for texture coats by brush, roller and trowel for some parts of your office suite or house to add a alluring look and feel. But certainly that should be applied based on your overall implementation of colour scheme and decoration.

  11. For the decoration, give preference to the natural lighting. Large windows and good ventilation system give any room a light, comfortable and airy feeling.

  12. Lines and curves can play an important role for creating an animated collaboration around your home or office space. Offset the natural straight lines of the walls with a curved mirror, a rounded vessel to alleviate the bulk of a cabinet.

  13. Apply vinyl, hessian and canvas wallpaper or digital image wallpaper to enhance the appeal of the interior decoration.

  14. Special wood treatment should be planned as part of your over all painting and decoration.  

  15. Let your creativity shine with the decoration and colour. Enjoy your work and take frequent breaks to stay on harmony. 

To create a welcoming ambiance your home or office needs an organized decoration and visually agreeable painting effect. Making the job done perfectly all by yourself can be a challenging yet enthralling task. Follow your artistic instinct and basic guidelines of color, effect, lighting and arrangement to turn your painting and decoration into a praiseworthy and penetrating outcome. You do it and everybody praises it.   

About the Author

James Whitfield is a web enthusiast and have been ghost writing for years. He prefers DIY and provides various do-it-yourself tips on a wide range of issues like home improvements, web technologies and hobbies. For a professional painting and decorating services or colour consultation, James had always relied on Master Painters Australia & Dulux Accredited painting company Premier Painting.

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paint and decorators
paint and decorators