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Interior Painting Of House

interior painting of house"interior painting of house"

Interior Paint for Bedroom | Interior Paint

Interior Paint Colors
While everyone has their own choice, where colors for interior paints are concerned, it maybe a good idea to take a look at the effects that popular interior paint colors, like shades of white, blue, yellow and red, can have on your mood and the interesting interior paint color combinations that you can play around with.

White: White is very popular and can be used in any room. It is a neutral color and gives a peaceful feeling. White paint works especially well in bathrooms and bedrooms. White reflects maximum light and manages to create an illusion of space to open up a small area. White makes the room look airy and cool. But, it can also be difficult to maintain and might give your room a very hospital like feeling. Colors that make excellent combinations with white, are red and blue. These colors make the room look alive and inviting. Other shades of white, like off-white and pearly white are also very popular.

Yellow: Another popular color, yellow. Yellow gives a bright and cheerful feeling to a room. It is a warm shade and is commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens. Some popular shades of yellow, used in interior house paint colors, are pale yellow, bright sunshine and a warm shade that resembles a banana split. Combining sunshine yellow with white can brighten up any kitchen.

Brown: Another popular color is light brown, which suits bigger rooms. Brown gives a subtle masculine feeling to the room. Shades of brown like chocolate brown and dark brown look good on the walls. A good color scheme using brown is painting the ceiling beige and the walls a chocolate brown.

Blue: Painting the walls blue, gives a cool and tranquil feeling to the room. Blue is suitable for all rooms. It's a common color used in several bedroom painting ideas as it makes the bedroom look peaceful. Some popular shades of blue in interior paint colors are soft grayish blues, lively turquoises and cool aqua. A good interior paint color scheme is medium dark blue with cream yellow.

Red: Red is among the most popular interior paint colors for homes. Red radiates vibrancy. Pink, a shade of red gives a romantic feeling to a room. Pink is very popular in room painting ideas for girls. Red is mostly used to accentuate a part of the room. Some popular shades of red, are watermelon red and light pinks. Dark red shades like burgundy can be painted, but use a flat or matte finish on dark colors. Paint one wall red and others off-white for a great color scheme. You can also try a combination of burgundy red walls with white furnishing.

Other colors like green and purple are not used as widely for interiors, but everything depends on an individual's choice. A light green can give a fresh and outdoorsy feeling to your living room. Purple can give a feminine feeling and light purple is often opted for, when painting a girl's room.

Interior Painting Ideas
For a DIY inexpensive texture paint on your wall, try sponge painting. Soak a sponge in wet paint and dab it on the entire wall. There are also rollers available in the market, which have different textures, which can be used to give different patterns to your walls.

For kids room painting ideas, paint different animals or cartoons on the walls. Look for different colored drawings of jungle animals. Paint a base color like light blue, on the wall and paint the figures and caricatures you want, using paint brushes.

Stencil art is very popular in interior painting ideas. A great kitchen painting idea with stencil art is to create many fruit stencil paintings on the walls. Another way to brighten up the interiors, is to paint one wall, off-white and then stencil a green flower plant on the wall. Paint the 3 remaining walls, a medium dark green color. For a delicate look, stencil the area below the ceiling on the walls with an intricate design. Always pick a color for stenciling, which stands out on the base wall. Stencils are easily available in many supermarkets and there is a huge variety from which one can choose.

You can also go funky, and paint your walls with stripes. Cream yellow with dark pink or turquoise blue are some good combinations for striped walls. For a stunning and attractive look for your living room, paint one wall black with bright multi-colored splotches and the rest of the walls, gray.

Rubber stamping is another fun and easy way to decorate your walls. There is a huge range of stamps available in the market. Decide on the design and color you want to stamp on your walls. After buying the rubber stamp, use a roller and practice rubber stamping on a white board. After enough practice, stamp on the walls to form an interesting border.

Faux means fake and with faux painting on your walls, you can create an illusion of any surface on your wall, like marble, wood, brick, etc. In this painting technique, a base coat is painted and a mix of paint and glaze is used to paint the details of the faux surface. Painting popcorn ceiling or stucco texture gives an attractive look to the ceiling. Other ceiling painting tips are to make faux paintings on the ceilings to give a feeling of sky, a chandelier etc.

Useful Tips

  • Remove things like switches and curtains before painting. Also, mend the wall for any flaws like holes, cracks, falling paint, etc.

  • Always get some paint samples and paint patches on the wall. Let them dry for a day and see which color you like the most. You can always get many different shade cards and place them on the wall to check for the suitable color.

  • Use a primer or sealer for more durability. They provide a base coat for the paint and conceal many stains like crayon, ink, soot, etc. You will have a long lasting paint on the walls, if you use primers and sealers.

  • It is important to choose the right interior paint for the right surface. Latex is a good choice for the kids' room, as you can clean a wall with this paint easily. Latex paint are basically water based paints. They are non-toxic and non-flammable paints. The smell of this paint is less, compared to oil paint, but oil paints are the most durable and give a better finish.

  • Milk paint is eco-friendly. It is made of earth pigments and mild proteins. This paint works best on bare wood surfaces and the topcoat can be solvent based or water based.

  • There are different kinds of finishing coats, one can choose from. Flat finish is an ideal finish for a surface having many flaws, because it conceals the flaws. But it has no shine, can't be cleaned and is not durable. Matte finish has little shine and is a little more durable than flat finish. This finish is semi-washable.

  • For bedroom wall painting ideas, choose satin or eggshell finish as they bounce soft light and have a decent amount of shine. They are washable and durable and are a good finish for any family room or bedroom.

  • Semi-gloss finish has a good shine, and the painted surface can be scrubbed. It is also very durable. Using semi-gloss finish is a good option for kitchen and bathroom painting idea, as these places are the most used areas in any house.

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interior painting of house
interior painting of house