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Cost Of Painting Interior

cost of painting interior"cost of painting interior"

Advantages using Green Earth Friendly Eco Paint

7 Advantages using Green Earth Friendly Eco Paint

Seven Advantages using Green Earth Friendly Eco Paint, with today's newer technology in interior house painting, from one of Denver's Leading painting contractors, Eco Paint Inc. Green Earth Friendly Eco Paint benefiting more groups of customers than ever before. As latex Acrylic paints introduced by major paint manufactures in the late 1960's, giving the house painting process much ease and uniformity for interior walls and ceilings, using flat and semi-gloss paint finishes or paint sheen. Conventional interior paints are a thing of the past, with the newest interior paints now on the market. By 1999-2000, most major paint manufactures including Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin-Moore was the first to introduce the same latex Acrylic paints without harmful ammonia and formaldehyde additives formulated into the chemical make-up of those particular paints. Below are the obvious reasons why to use these newer formulated interior paints, than the older conventional ones mentioned, from the most experienced Green Earth Friendly house painters around.

That Fresh Paint Smell

Bet you can recall many times smelling that fresh paint smell. Remembering when you would walk into a room, office, hotel room, or hospital, smelling your surroundings? Many times through your life's course, you would notice "Ah, this room was recently painted, smells like Fresh Paint". Even though these aromas to our noses where not too intrusive to our nasal cavities and lungs, sometimes a welcomed aroma. Now knowing these same aromatic fragrances do no benefit breathing, and matter of fact are actually harmful, having side effects with many, including headaches. With the introduction of Green Earth Friendly Eco Paint, everyone can benefit having an interior painted without these volatile odor compounds (V.O.C) present.

House Painters

Two Paint Questions of Most House Painters

Two common paint questions most house painters have, as well as home owners alike. Knowing what your thinking, as also a consumer and a painting contractor, putting myself into the paint customer's  shoes every chance I get. An experienced interior house painter looks into a couple things with every paint product, when getting ready to paint an interior. If your a house painter having any experience, you may already know these 2 things, those who have never painted before may not. Two key things most people who are getting ready to paint, are concerned with is, "How well does the interior paint cover"? and "How well does this interior paint's color last"? Discussing these two major questions first, will allow the 7 advantages of using the newer formulated Green Earth Friendly Eco Paint to fall into place making perfect sense.

How well does the interior paint cover?

Green Earth Friendly paints typically cover in one complete uniform coat. These Earth Friendly Eco Paints have a viscosity being the same as a high quality conventional interior latex paint. Not watered down by no means, the "Hang time" measurement used determining viscosity, are those of the same premium quality interior paints only requiring one coat, saving time and money from a painting contractors standpoint as well as the Do-It-Yourselfer (DIY). Knowing some have experienced painting interior walls of say a deep color base, needing 5-6 complete coats, ready to throw in the towel. Chances of requiring multiple coats for adequate paint coverage decreases drastically with this newer paint formulation.

How well does this interior paint's color last?

How well does this interior paint's color last? Will this paint's color retain it's original paint tint and color hue? Having clays and minerals from the earth into interior paint formulation make-up, these will last your life-time, your child's lifetime, and their children(s) lifetime. What? How can you be so sure? Well, the same Clay based Green Earth Friendly Eco Paints were once used over 2000 years ago by the Romans and King Tut's era. Visiting King Tut's display here in Denver several months back, witnessing those same paints and paint colors, still having vivid color retention today, these Earth Friendly Eco Paints are sure to last many generations to come.  Goes without saying none of us will witness any paint fade using a premium quality Earth Friendly Low or Zero V.O.C Eco Paint. You'll want to redecorate your interior, updating paint colors before seeing any paint fade common with other conventional interior paints.

7 Advantages using Green Earth Friendly Low or Zero V.O.C Eco Paints

Advantages using Green Earth Friendly Eco Paint

As promised, listing the seven advantages using the painting industries newest interior paint formulation's Earth Friendly paints are as follows, with 7 groups of consumers benefiting:

1) Newborns/Infants

Newborn children coming into this world are magnets to the senses of sight, tastes, and smells. Mentioning these older conventional brands of interior latex paints having chemicals of ammonia and formaldehydes do the infant and newborns no good in the least. Matter of fact, these same conventional interior latex paints give off those chemicals for up to 3 years. Really? Yes, our noses get accustomed to the pleasant odors of "Fresh Paint smells" not noticing them say after a week, which is why hospitals are now leading the purchases of Green Earth Friendly Eco Paints, provided by most major paint manufactures.

2) Pregnant Mothers to-be

Most pregnant mothers to be want the very best for their child, in the womb. Eating right, exercising, taking in the right vitamins, and nutrients prescribed, feeding the infant before delivery with everything the expected mother to-be takes in and consumes, breathing any harmful chemicals these conventional interior paints allow, will affect the unborn child directly.  Now with interior paints not having these harmful chemicals, pregnant mothers to-be can enjoy a freshly painted interior, without these air quality concerns.

3) Senior Citizens

Senior citizens certainly do not need to be concerned with new "Fresh paint" fumes, while enjoying new paint colors added to their homes and living spaces. Living lives to the fullest, enjoying the later years of one's life, does not have to include fresh paint smells of chemicals described above. Most senior citizens have a keener sense of smell from years of experience, and these conventional paint odors having higher V.O.C's should be avoided. Having Green Earth Friendly Eco Paints now available, allows the air qualities to stay the same, painting a senior's interior wall or ceiling.

4) Those with breathing concerns.

No matter what age group, those with any breathing concerns do not have to be affected having an interior painting job completed within their confines. Asthma, bronchitis, those on oxygen, and sensitive bronchial and respiratory passages, who also can achieve a new fresh interior painting without deteriorating the air quality being most important.

5) Those avidly concerned about our ecology.

All those actively taking steps to a Greener more sustainable in which we live, Green Earth Movement has made significant gains for a Greener Earth. Cannot attribute this movement to the initial introduction of Low to Zero V.O.C paints introduced back in late 1999, but know it is a welcomed product and addition to what is now available from solar panels, wind generators to natural bamboo flooring, encompassing everything from a natural, more sustainable Earth Friendly biosphere. Painting a home with Green, Earth Friendly Eco Paints suddenly transforms one's home to newer paint decorating color schemes while being an active member and contributor  in this Green Earth Movement.

6) Those looking for the Best Interior Paint Qualities.

Best interior paint qualities are paint coverage, paint color retention, elasticity, elongation, tensile strengths, viscosity, spread-abilities, paint color choices, knowing these Low to Zero Green Earth Friendly paints exceeds manufactures label requirements set by the painting industry standards. Having a premium Earth Friendly Eco Paint decorating your interior today makes perfect sense when considering paint qualities that make up any paint manufactured. Green Earth Friendly paints surpass lower quality conventional ones produced, costing a little more, while the same paints compared to an equal quality conventional type continues to lead the group with superior interior paint qualities, having no gasses or ammonia to emit, reducing your air quality. Hopefully, I have you convinced doing your share for self and others when choosing your next interior paint products.

7) Those wanting painting costs the same

Can't think of anyone not wanting painting costs the same as yesterday. In today's economy, most of us look at price. Price for paint has increased over the last 10 years to doubling what once used to be less expensive. Just like anything before the fuel went up back in 2007 when we saw gasoline spike to records of $5.00+, groceries, utilities, cosmetics, and all consumer products that required shipping went up nearly doubling. Of course this fuel cost went down, but manufactures and producers enjoyed the added bonuses of what they were already selling, so everyone continued to pay the same, with no reduction in price. Consumer spending was forced to accept those higher prices, including all brands of house paints. Conventional latex paints followed these increases in years of spikes, while increasing several times during normal years anywhere from 3-7% increase per calendar years. What used to cost $12-14.00 per gallon now costs $30-40.00. What paint manufactures have done to offset these higher paint costs, is providing a higher quality Green Earth Friendly paint line at the same paint costs as conventional ones, which is Great for everyone looking to have an interior painted today, benefiting a larger consumer base, keeping painting costs at it's lowest with higher paint qualities than before.

Painting Contractor for Denver and Colorado

Painting contractor for Denver and Colorado, Eco Paint, Inc. Specializing in complete interior painting and exterior painting with a personal touch, from a professional painting company based in Denver CO.  Coining the phrase "Eco Paint" back in 1993, long before Green Earth Friendly paints became a reality on paint store shelves. The acronym "Eco Paint" having significant meaning being economical as well as ecological, holding those meanings close to one's business, who remembers "Eco" also being economical. Painting 1000's of homes, offices, and businesses across Colorado. Family owned and locally operated, giving every painting job full attention it deserves, providing some of Denver's best Professional Denver painters, painting one job at a time. Careful with every ecological choice we make, promoting Green Earth Friendly "Eco Paint" when advisable, Eco Paint in your painting services choice in Colorado, having over 30 years experience painting homes, offices and businesses. Call Today, for your Free In Home Paint Quote, and Color Consultation!

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cost of painting interior
cost of painting interior