Thursday, 5 May 2011

Property Renovation

Ten Strategies to add instant

value to your Property

Many Australians have an enthusiasm for renovating and rightly so it's one, of the most well-known and aggressive ways to instantly add value to a property, regardless of whether the marketplace is going up, down or sideways' You see, renovating is an enterprising property strategy, one which gives people the ability to construct instantaneous growth in a property rather than assume a passive approach that, requires you to wait for capital growth.
With more of the population today focused on creating their assets with property in the smallest timeframe possible, renovating is a fast-track formula to attaining that goal by making cosmetic or structural modifications to a property that adds real discerned value.

Before starting any renovation' sit and think about what you want your result to be.
Are you renovating to sell or renovating to rent? Are you renovating to improve the comfort, practicality and lifestyle, aspect of your property as a home-owner? Identification of this will start to intrinsically put you one step closer to understanding who the end user is and be able to make changes that add real value in the mind of that Person.

The purpose of any renovation is to increase the functional space within a property and its visible appeal. The basic supposition of renovating is to make a property look new again and, in doing this, add more in perceived value than actual cost' But what does this mean exactly? Put quite simply, it's all about return on investment' The rule of thumb is to at minimum at least double, or preferably triple, your investment for every $, you spend to have made the process worthwhile.

Strategy   1 PAINTING

Strategy  2 Cement Rendering

Strategy  3

Strategy  4

Strategy  5

Strategy  6

Strategy  7

Strategy  8

Strategy 9

Strategy 10