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The Best Way To Choose A Painting Company - 3 Tips To Help

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As you may well recognize, finding the right contractor for any project can be a tedious and frustrating period.

The scopes of works provided by Rowendl Pty Ltd are numerous, with any project being able to be completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Typical works that can be carried out include:

Interior and exterior painting and decorating both Commercial and Domestic.

Door and window repairs, tiling. cleaning etc. etc.

Garden and Lawn maintenance, landscaping, cleaning (ie pressure washing concrete areas) paving, concreting, fence maintenance and construction rubbish removal, guttering and letterboxes etc.

No Job is too large or too small for our services.

Rowendl Pty Ltd is a fully registered and insured company with an insurance coverage of $10,000,000 public liability. This coverage is especially important when any contractor is called to your premises, when any injuries to contractors, passersby and residents resulting from a project could result in the owner of the property being liable.

The Best Way To Choose A Painting Company - 3 Tips To Help

By Ronald C Prothero Jr

There are a lot of homeowners that eventually will need to hire a painting company so knowing how to choose a quality painter is an important topic. The three tips below will help you decide which local painter is best for your home's exterior look and protection. From seeing past project examples to knowing how long the painters have been in business these steps will work for you.

1. Before you hire any painters to work on your home you may want to get a free painting estimate from at least two different companies or contractors. Don't always choose the cheapest quote. Once you get the estimates ask each painter for product warranties, paint brands and colors available, and also check to see which company has the most experience.

2. Once you think you have the best choice then the next step would be to look at some before and after photos of past projects that the painters have completed. Make sure the pictures have good detail and show you every side of the past houses.

3. No matter what type of business is performing work on your home, house painters included, you have to make sure the company or contractors have the proper licensing and insurance. If they are insured than you know your home and you are covered just in case there is an accident.

House painting projects usually only take a few days depending on the size of your home so keep that in mind. Any qualified company should be able to give you a time frame for starting and completing the job. Follow the steps above and maybe add a few of your own and you can be confident that your exterior will be protected for many years to come.

commercial painting"commercial painting"

When to Consider Commercial Painting in the Bay Area

Commercial painting in the Bay Area can help your business stand out. Curb appeal helps increase the value of your location and makes your business more appealing to potential clients. The staff at Custom Painting, Inc. will help you plan a custom painting project that will show you the benefits of making the change.


Top Reasons to Choose Commercial Painting in the Bay Area


  • Avoid interruptions in normal business routine. A commercial painting contractor will be able to help you complete your remodeling project without hindering the flow of your customers. The experience and skill of a commercial painting contractor allows them to complete a project with a minimal amount of time and disruption.


  • Get added protection and security. Commercial painting contractors in the Bay Area will provide licensing proof and carry liability insurance. This can help relieve some of the stress that comes with any remodeling job in your business.



  • The knowledge and understanding to create a project that meets all of your needs. The right contractor can give you tips and ideas on how to best utilize colors to enhance your business and increase customer satisfaction.


  • Experienced management of projects. You have your business to run. Adding the task of overseeing the painting project can pull your attention away from more pressing business needs. A commercial painting contractor will have supervisors to maintain the integrity and direction of your painting job.



Making the choice to have touch-up work done on your business can be a scary move. You may worry about the delays in your business or the inconvenience to your customers. Many businesses are already struggling with the tightened economy. But your business needs to be maintained at its peak to draw customers in with its curb appeal.


The best way to ensure that the painting job is completed with as little disruption and maximum speed is to choose a commercial painting contractor for the project. Finding the right commercial contractor for the job may take a little investment in time and effort, but it will be worth it in the end.


The look of your business can be one of the main drawing points for your customers. Real estate professionals will tell you that curb appeal is a priority. Customers want to see a building that is well-maintained and looks good if they are going to step in to do business. Making the choice to work with a contractor for your commercial painting project in the Bay Area could be one more way to help your business keep going strong.

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Custom Painting Inc. , a full service Painting Company in California that also provides Custom Moldings Installation, and Commercial Painting Services. By hiring Custom Painting contractors you have nothing to worry but just look forward to building a successful and aesthetic work environment. Contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your painting project.

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commercial painting
commercial painting