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Using French Style Home Accessories

Many people today are starting to decorate their homes in a special theme. It may be Tuscan, Western, Victorian, or one of many others. Whichever is chosen the homeowner wants to make sure it is authentic throughout. If one decided to go French they would have to pick out French style home accessories.

Before starting to look for accessories one would have to choose which particular French style they were going to adopt. If one wanted a sophisticated and very modern look they would copy the styles of Baroque, Rococo or a new classical style. They might want to go French country style which is very popular today with many home designers.

The French country style involves using very bright colors such as yellows, lavenders, green, certain kinds of red and French blue. These colors would be displayed prominently throughout every room in the house. If a room were painted in a sunny yellow, for instance, other items in the room would incorporate some of the other colors to complete the picture.

Materials manufactured especially for this style home will reflect these colors and often have intricate designs lightly etched in black or grey. Finding the appropriate window dressings and other accessories, such as pillows, is a must to complete the full look. These fabrics are also displayed in such things as quilts and table coverings.

There are many accessories on the market today that can reflect this type of decor. Many things such as pottery, carved woods, dishes and pictures are available that would reflect this theme. They are copied from things that can be seen in France and are often imported from there.

This type of decor emphasizes the country look by a wide use of natural materials. This would include iron, wood and stone. It will be found throughout such a home in the floors, walls and furniture. Natural wood is used through the home on all the furniture and is finished to show off all of its glory.

Accents for the kitchen are especially important as, in this type of home, it and the dining room are considered the center of the household. Antique copper is especially favored and pots of this material can often be seen hanging on an overhead hook rack. This, joined with decorative metal objects throughout the kitchen makes an outstanding and attractive display.

Another thing that is prominent in this kitchen is a display of cooking items such as spices, wines and oil. There is also a space to display colorful ceramic pieces and canisters for flour and sugar. Everything possible is done in this room to make it cheerful and inviting for each member of the family.

The furniture for the living area is usually made of hand crafted mahogany, beautifully polished. This creates a lovely display, which is set off by the brightly painted walls. Throw in other French style home accessories and such as distinctive curtains and motif tables for a complete look and the home decorating theme is complete.

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