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As you may well recognize, finding the right contractor for any project can be a tedious and frustrating period.

The scopes of works provided by Rowendl Pty Ltd are numerous, with any project being able to be completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Typical works that can be carried out include:

Interior and exterior painting and decorating both Commercial and Domestic.

Door and window repairs, tiling. cleaning etc. etc.

Garden and Lawn maintenance, landscaping, cleaning (ie pressure washing concrete areas) paving, concreting, fence maintenance and construction rubbish removal, guttering and letterboxes etc.

No Job is too large or too small for our services.

Rowendl Pty Ltd is a fully registered and insured company with an insurance coverage of $10,000,000 public liability. This coverage is especially important when any contractor is called to your premises, when any injuries to contractors, passersby and residents resulting from a project could result in the owner of the property being liable.

home painting"home painting"

Choosing Home Paint Color Is An Art With ColouredByTime

Choosing home paint colors is truly a fine art and it is not that everyone can do with surpassing excellence. Home owners when thinking to paint their historic home have to see that the original architectural beauty and style is not lost. Most of the historic homes look beautiful with bold colors, but if the home owner wants some soberness then soft colors in combination to bright hues can be used.

Area where house is located is a very important factor when it comes to selecting the home paint. If the home is sun facing then light shades have to be chosen to bring in some coolness and a non sun facing house can have bright shades such as orange and red to bring in some life, removing the dullness. Style of the house is yet another important factor that plays a vital role in selecting the color schemes. There is surely going to be a different scheme for bungalow, townhouse, CapeCod, Contemporary, Tudor and Adobe.

ColouredByTime- Brings An End To Your Home Color Selection Woes

ColouredByTime follows a systematic approach to provide home owners with most appropriate paint color selection suggestions. After determining each and every crucial factor, such as architectural style, time of construction and vicinity, ColoredByTime suggests the color schemes.  There are four types of color theories that are considered by ColoredByTime before final suggestion list is prepared, original shades, period or time specific shades, historic period colors and the post modern colors.  Once the suggestion list is prepared, people living in the house can put their preferences forward.

The entire paint color selection method followed by ColouredByTime is flexible and highly interactive. Home owners are free to suggest any kind of modification in the color schemes at any time of the selection process as ColouredByTime prefers to work in collaboration with clientele. ColouredByTime provides with such a home paint color suggestion that the architectural beauty of the house is enhanced and a sense of creativity is incorporated.

Experimentation and innovativeness are the two aspects that are utilized by ColouredByTime so that every client gets something different and the boredom prevailing in the outer area is eliminated. When using color combinations, there is a fixed ratio that makes different hues, although ColouredByTime provides suggestions, but it leaves the final decision of the clients to settle for which combination.  Historic houses possess a rich exterior and this is usually lost when proper color is not chosen. Home owner have to see that the there is a different way to select paint colors for interior and exterior of the house. Interior shades can be chosen as per ones personality and style, but exterior needs to be maintained antique looking only. With ColouredByTime, one can be assured that the paint color selection ends up in a mistake free manner.

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home painting
home painting