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Paint Colors

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Paint Colors
Paint is a simple and inexpensive way to brighten a room.  Simply changing the paint in a room can dramatically alter the look and feel of a room.  Since paint choice can be so important to the final appearance of the room, it is important to select paint colors wisely.  The following tips will help you select the best color prior to painting a room.

Look at home design websites and magazines.  Home design sites and magazines are an excellent resource for current home design ideas and colors.  Popular and fashionable home colors change over time.  A current website or magazine will help you select colors that are currently fashionable and attractive.  This will help you to create a modern looking room.  The wrong paint color can easily make a room appear old and dated.

Utilize tools provided by paint manufacturers.  Paint manufacturers want to help you select the best color for your room.  They offer many tools to give you inspiration and ideas.  Many paint manufacturers offer coordinating color combinations on their websites.  Using these combinations you can select a paint color, accent paint, and coordinating room elements.  These preselected colors can help an inexperienced designer achieve professional looking results.

Select a few colors and try them out.  You can never tell from a paint chip or magazine how a specific color is going to look in your house.  Testing a few colors will help you narrow the prospective choices and make a final decision.  Some people choose to hang paint chips on the wall.  Another option is to buy small containers of paint, many stores have inexpensive testers available, and paint a small section as a test.  Generally a one foot square is more than enough to determine if the color will work for you.

Choosing a new paint color can be a difficult decision.  However, it is not a life altering decision.  Make a choice, paint your walls and see how you like it.  If you do choose the wrong color, it is relatively simple to make a new selection and try again.

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Along with decorating the inside of her home, Sammi also enjoys decorating the outside by landscaping it. She uses recycled paver along with flowering potted plants to make the outside of her home look as good as the inside!

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