Thursday, 16 December 2010

Repainting Your Own Home

Repainting Your Own Home

When you pull into your driveway and look at your house everyday, you begin to notice that it no longer has that outstanding clean look and your significant other has asked innumerable times to get the house painted. After looking at the bank balance and realizing that the cost of painting a house is no small charge and literally going to cost you thousands of dollars. Let's face it all you need is just a brush, some ladders, a few cans of paint and a few weekends. What's the huge deal right? Not a problem, so you proudly reveal that you will be repainting your house on your own on the weekends, and it should be done within a month.

You go down to the higher shop to rent a power washer and get some paint. On the first weekend, you spend most of the day pressure washing the house. You climb the ladder and pull the trigger and with the pressure of the water you almost fall from the ladder. Worse yet, you now have gouged into the wood because you were to close to the house. The following day you spend most of the day repairing the gouge in the wood from the pressure washer. Next weekend must be better you say, the house is now clean and ready for some work to begin. Then the weekend after that it rains so nothing gets done and before you know the third weekend arrives, and you finally begin. It takes you all day to move the ladder down the length of the house scraping all the loose paint then going back over all the spots you have scraped with a sander to smooth it out. The next day you spot prime really quick and decide to start doing the sides of the house. There is a tricky section above the roof, and you have no idea how to set a ladder up there so you can reach everything because the roof is pitched. You decide enough is enough and hire somebody professional. Stop!

There is a good method for you to be capable of painting your house on your own. You just need to make a system before starting and get informed so you know exactly what you are doing. Walk around the house and take notes of how you intend to reach each section of the house. Look at every area closely and figure out how you can reach each spot. Go to the nearby paint store where you regularly see the professional painters getting their supplies, not the giant stores because your local store will be more informative. Make sure you have all the proper equipment to get the job done. Take sections at a time since you will be working on your own and try to plan what you want to achieve for the day.

On Your Own! Repainting Your House Step 1

Choosing what colours you want to use of course would be the first on the list of things to do. However, let's get to the crux of what needs to happen. There are ways to make the job easier, and as you walk around the house start to take note of some difficult areas you are not sure how to do and go down to your local paint store and ask questions.

You can ask if there are any simpler ways to be able to paint the house other than just using a ladder. There are other ways, each costing a bit more money. The best way may be a combination of different ladders both purchased and hired. A recommendation is to purchase a multi-purpose ladder and hire a larger ladder, especially if trying to achieve greater heights.

Really difficult areas to get to that are next to a steeply pitched roof should only be attempted with extreme caution.
You should be thinking safety at all times and use such items such as safety ropes and other equipment such as cherry pickers and scaffold towers even though they may be expensive to hire they may prevent a tragic event taking place.

On Your Own! Repainting Your House Step 2

Set out a program on paper of what you will want to achieve for each weekend and take each
component of the house as a part to complete before moving on, except for the pressure
washing, get all of that done before. Possibly, for the front of the house, you would like to complete this challenge over the first two weekends, with the first weekend doing the scraping, sanding and spot priming any bare areas and caulking.

The second weekend is to complete the painting. Making a plan and keeping organized will take
a lot of irritation away, and you will feel like you are getting something done. It really is
that simple! Go have fun and get your house repainted I know you can do it!