Tuesday, 7 December 2010

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Renovating the Property of your Dreams

Most people have that perfect family home, the dream property they want to live in and many of us never have the opportunity or drive to make our dream come true, but there are others who make their dream a reality and those people live the dream.

Living your dream must be an amazing feeling but it also may be a lot of hard work and money. When you decide to undertake any type of renovation you need to make sure you have the funds available, getting quotes on jobs is one thing but actually putting the money down to have the job is another thing altogether. If you get a quote for a job for example having the property gutted, make sure there’s a date which states when the quote is valid to. Sometimes quotes are for there and now and when you go back a few weeks or even months later the quote has risen. Making sure you have the funds available for any of these problems is a must, hidden costs and charges are always a problem in any type of renovation.

Things often go wrong which means more money needs to be spent to rectify the problem but also if you gut a property you may find after this that structural or even wiring for the electricity needs to re-done or repaired, of course this costs money and time. In any property renovation if you have a dead line or a month you definitely want to be moved in by, you should keep a timetable and a timeline on what should be done when and how long each task should take. If you keep this timeline up tom date you will have more of chance of knowing what’s to be done next and how the long the project is extending by if problems do arise.

You will want to make the property to look exactly like your dream but yes sometimes this is impossible due to materials or even your budget. What you can do though is to put all your effort, time and love into the renovation and make it the dream home you’ve always wanted. If you have no trade experience in renovating a property it’s a good idea to bring in the professionals but of course if you want to do bits yourself but you can still bring in the professionals for things such as:

Gutting the property: taking it back to a shell if necessary and starting from scratch, sometimes the easiest thing to do

Electrical services: installation of new wiring, plug sockets or new ariel cables for inside and out

Installation of partition walls: making large rooms into smaller rooms or moving walls around using the space in a different way to how it’s set out now

Installation of heating: installing new radiators and connecting them to installing under floor heating and even air conditioning units

Installation of cavity walls: to keep you and your house warm the installation of cavity walls and insulation is a good idea especially in older properties

Plastering of walls: once you have stripped the walls of paint, wallpaper you may want to re-plaster the walls so you have a new surface to work with when you decorate

Painting and decorating: you may not be one for painting and decorating, so why not get someone to do it for you. Painting of doors, windows, flooring and also walls as well as wallpapering the walls

Window installation: may it be old stained glass windows to double glazing being installed and fitted

Whatever your dream may be, it is possible with the right property and the right amount of money, but don’t give up make your dream a reality today!

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