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Clayton Interior House Paint

Detail of a wrought iron banister, inside of t...
Detail of a wrought iron banister, inside of the Château de Chantilly, France (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Creating The Perfect French Atmosphere With The Right French Home Accessories

Not a lot of people prefer the French style these days. Modern designs are presently more preferred due to various reasons that involve the practicality of combining functionality and aesthetics. However, most people do not realize that with the right kinds of French home accessories, any modern home can experience a touch of class and boldness in one.

A very important element of French home decoration is metal, most especially iron. A modern application of such includes the beautiful details in curtain rods and hold backs, which are the perfect article to both the living room and bedroom.

The bathroom can greatly benefit from the addition of an iron shelf or wrought iron designed cabinet that serves to not only contain bathroom supplies but an additional accent to the room. Intricate metal designs speak of elegance and classic beauty.

Ornaments play a major role in French home design. Contrary to the common belief that wallpapers are fading into the abyss of the past, they are actually undergoing constant changes and are becoming a great option of the modern day. It is, however, essential to remember that wallpapers should never be used in abundance since they can be quite distracting as well.

Another unique aspect of French home accessories can be found in tableware. They might look a little outdated and old fashioned for some, but these designs are highly intricate and interesting. They are incorporated in such a way that the decors texture and color are put into focus. The most common motifs include flowers, leaves and other highly complicated patterns that can be quite impressive to the eye.

In addition to metal, French homes make use of clay. These are in great numbers in French kitchens since pots are used to keep food supplies as well as ingredients for cooking. Although pottery might seem too primitive, they can come in various abstract designs that add a touch of uniqueness in any modern home.

Creating a French-like atmosphere in the rest of the house is easy with the use of paintings. Baroque style paintings are perfect to simulate the feel of a French home. Enamel signs and advertising prints are really popular in France. These modern details are really attractive and unique because of their shading and drawing styles. They can readily fit any decor and interior setting.

The bedroom might be the least accessible part of the home especially for visitors, but this does not mean that one should not invest in having the right pieces of decoration in this personal haven. For a French feel, one can go for canopy beds, which usually come with a veil or are simply draped. The outcome is romantic, sultry and elegant all in one.

Probably the best thing about French home accessories is how one can create a lot of good things with them. There is no need to stick with French strictly. These elements can be added to modern settings to create a unique output and style. In the end, this is how beauty is completely achieved when a sense of balance and harmony is achieved.

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Clayton interior house paint
Clayton interior house paint