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Exterior Painting Estimates

exterior painting estimates"exterior painting estimates"

How To Do Your Own Exterior Painting

Many people have questions about how they will tackle an exterior painting job on their home or storage shed. For those who have a single story dwelling and are physically fit enough to climb a short ladder, tackling the job will begin with simply scraping the old finish and purchasing the right supplies to get the job done.

Paint is always a major consideration. While it goes without saying that a brand suitable for outdoor use should be selected, there are many finishes and other details to consider. The right color is one that is not too distracting, fits the style of the home and tends to blend nicely with other homes in the neighborhood. Those who live in more rural areas can get away with using barn red or some other bold shade. For those who consider covering vinyl siding, an oil based product will be necessary in order to stick and provide the best coverage.

Whether to use a sprayer or traditional rollers is also a question many people consider. A professional grade device tends to provide better coverage, but using such a device requires some knowledge and plenty of practice. A sprayer may create problems if a sudden wind kicks up.

While completing the project on a warm, sunny day is the best advice, sometimes storms or winds can kick up in the middle of the work day. Preparing for such an occasion in advance can help reduce problems. Covering concrete areas and shrubs with a tarp is a good idea. In order to prevent the wind from moving them, bricks or heavy stones should be placed on the edges. A ladder can be attached to the brackets on the top gutters, to prevent it from moving or swaying in the wind. To keep paint from being blown all over, a grate used in the paint bucket will make sure rollers do not have excess paint.

Those who have two story dwellings who are afraid of heights or are not fit enough to climb and work on ladders might consider hiring a contractor to do the exterior painting. There is a cost involved, but when the cost of potential injury is considered, it may be the best investment. Contractors can charge from around $800 to $3,000, depending on the size of the home, the amount of trim work required and the amount of paint used.

Always get an estimate and make sure the contractor is licensed and insured. It may also help to get recommendations from neighbors and friends. Elderly people can sometimes call a local youth or college organization, who will provide the services free or at a very low cost, for retired people who can no longer do outside home maintenance, such as gutter cleaning and exterior painting.

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exterior painting estimates
exterior painting estimates